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MSL NASA news video press conference chat log – 27/sep/2012

Posted in astronomia by jumpjack on 27 settembre 2012

For 4/oct/2012 log please see: https://jumpjack.wordpress.com/2012/09/27/msl-nasa-news-video-press-conference-chat-log-27sep2012/  , http://is.gd/chatlog3

Toch nog best een aantal uit ons kleine kikkerlandje hier. =)
20:07 NASAJPL2: OK everyone, we’re going to pause the chat
20:07 NASAJPL2: It will allow us all to listen to today’s news
20:08 NASAJPL2: When the broadcast goes to Q&A, we’ll reopen the chat
20:09 NASAJPL2: Images for today’s briefing will be available online soon. We’ll post a link here when they are live
20:12 NASAJPL: Speaking now is Mike Malin, principal investigator of the Mastcam instrument
20:15 NASAJPL: Up now is Rebecca Williams, Curiosity science co-investigator
20:18 NASAJPL: Up now is Curiosity science co-investigator William Dietrich of the University of California, Berkeley.
20:21 NASAJPL: For those of you experiencing technical issues, we’ll post the full recording here after the event
20:27 NASAJPL: Opening the chat back up to answer your questions
20:28 btandy: does MSL carry a microphone?
20:28 Iwogima: hi alll !!!! hugs from Brazil
20:28 Jumpjack2: ustream is several minutes behind NASA TV…
20:28 NASAJPL: No, btandy. Recording sound wasn’t one of Curiosity’s science goals
20:28 hellogoodbye9: how possible is it that the evidence of water on Mars could have  looked different than earth’s water?
20:28 cmang: ^^^
20:28 NASAJPL: Jumpjack2 We’re experiencing some Ustream technical issues
20:28 ftey: Can MSL dat these flow were they  millions years go? housands ?
20:29 melvinvandenbout: Do you expect to find water on Mars ?
20:29 Jumpjack2: Was the sunrise/sunset eclipse shot?
20:29 Submunch: Where are the recordings of these meetings at?
20:30 r618: stream seem to be better now
20:30 NASAJPL: Submunch, they are posted here to Ustream following the event
20:30 NASAJPL2: melvinvandenbout: we’ve found water ice and water vapor, but not liquid water
20:30 sveta_balashova: As understood from this report there’s already a lot proof that there might have been water on Mars. What chemical elements in the examined material or what else will help to prove that for 100%?
20:30 WimVO: Has RAD found any subsurface water yet ? Or is it at least deeper than the one meter, if there at all ?
20:31 Jumpjack2: Any 3d anaglyph of te outcrop? And of far hills?
20:31 Erik84: How do I donate to NASA?
20:31 NASAJPL: WimVo, No subsurface water has been found
20:31 NASAJPL2: RAD looks at radiation; DAN looks for hydrated minerals. I don’t believe the team has published results yet. Stay tuned!
20:31 spacecolonizer: erik, pay your taxes
20:31 SGSea: amen
20:31 JetBurns: Erik84, you donate every April 15. 🙂
20:31 Submunch: With all the bandwidth, no microphone was sent up or no recording of video?  To just possibly hear mars wind was a thought?
20:31 creeponradio: Did the Combine destroy Mars?
20:31 hellogoodbye9: What else do you need besides water to start growing plants on Mars?
20:32 Erik84: I’m not American, so nope lol
20:32 WimVO: Temperatures above freezing would help hellogoodbye9
20:32 SFdude99: Any chance the Rover carried micro-organisms from Earth to Mars? (which survived the trip…)
20:32 NASAJPL2: Submunch: the science goals of the mission dictate the payload. No mic was called for
20:32 r618: SFdude99: the vehicle was sterilized, however…
20:33 NASAJPL: Jumpjack, all images are posted here: <censored>
20:33 NASAJPL2: SFdude99: We abide by planetary protection rules. The rover was specially cleaned to avoid that
20:33 audunr: What exactly is the gravity of Mars as a fraction of Earth’s?
20:33 NASAJPL2: Mars is 3/8 earth G
20:33 NASAJPL: Jumpjack, sending that link over again http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/
20:33 JetBurns: If you are USA, you can write your government representatives.  In not USA, you can still write your local US Embassy and indicate your support as well.
20:34 sveta_balashova: any radiation registered?
20:34 DebDjed65: Do you expect to find fossils in the fossil bed?
20:34 orbitaldescent: you would think that the radiation would sterilize the rover all day in the sunlight
20:34 r618: orbitaldescent: its not enough 🙂
20:34 ivugrinec: What would be the definiteve proof of water presence in history of mars?
20:35 NASAJPL2: sveta_balashova: Yes, the RAD instrument is sensing radiation both on surface as it did in cruise
20:35 Jumpjack2: so what about the announced new eclipse video?
20:35 nelj46: sorry if it was already addressed, but how much further does MSL have to go until Glenelg? in meters? in days?
20:35 ftey: woulde nice to find a shell….
20:35 sheepOfMars: Are the pebbles basalt?  The earth samples look like limestone.
20:35 NASAJPL2: DebDjed65: no fossils yet. That would be HUGE news!
20:35 kennetgd: why do you refer to Curiosity as “her”?
20:35 NASAJPL: Like ships of exploration, all spacecraft are referered to as “she”
20:35 MRader: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=What+exactly+is+the+gravity+of+Mars+as+a+fraction+of+Earth%27s%3F
20:35 cliffraves: has any of the rovers managed to capture any meteor’s in skies any meteor detections on any of rovers ?
20:35 ArichManas: Most vessels are referred to as females; it shows dignity and faith and the like
20:36 noahdavis: What is the process to get a landing spot or rock named? I would like to submit my name for consideration. I’m a nice person.
20:36 sveta_balashova: is the radiation level higher than that on Earth?
20:36 Submunch: So you do have video? or will have? 🙂  recommend a time lapse of sunrise or sunset or of the rover just moving..very cool
20:36 NASAJPL2: cliff, yes. One of the MER rovers saw a shooting star
20:36 DebDjed65: Do you expect to find fossils in the fossil beds?
20:36 nelj46: Sorry if its already been addressed, but how much further does MSL have to go until Glenelg?
20:36 NASAJPL2: deb, if we find evidence of life, it would probably be microbial. Note that we have found no evidence of life yet
20:36 audunr: How much radiation comes through to the surface on Mars? If I had a breathing apparatus standing on the surface – would I need any other protection, or could I just start wandering about?
20:37 Jumpjack2: There WAS a fossile visible in MSL starting position! Check closely near rear-right wheel in mastca color images!
20:37 NASAJPL: nelj46, Curiosity is over halfway to Glenelg
20:37 hellogoodbye9: this is a stupid question but what is mars atmosphere made of instead of air?
20:37 Sious: If there was water, doesn´t it mean there was life? bacterias are life etc too
20:37 WimVO: How big a lab do you need to carry to do carbon dating ? Wasn’t that done on the moon ?
20:37 NASAJPL2: hellogoodbye9: mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen, but it’s far, far less dense than Earth’s atmosphere. About 1/100
20:37 NASAJPL: Noah, here’s an article on how features on Mars are named: http://www.popsci.com/military-aviation-space/article/2005-11/q-how-do-scientists-name-rocks-mars
20:37 ArichManas: I have to go; will this be uploaded to any sharing site or is there any way to watch it later?
20:37 orbitaldescent: when these guys are saying “ancient”, are we talking, during the time dinosaurs walked the earth, or way older even then that.
20:38 iainn-1: is ny 3D meshterrain data being created from the rover imaging
20:38 NASAJPL2: Yes, this will be archived here on this page, http://ustream.tv/NASAJPL
20:38 sveta_balashova: So as Curiosity is a She(as others rovers as well) than the first “creature” to vstep on Mars was a GIRL)))
20:38 ScienceB0y: Does carbon dating apply on Mars? If not, how do you determine age of things?
20:38 NASAJPL2: sveta_balashova: all the rovers were referred to in the female, yes, starting with Sojourner
20:38 kennetgd: Curiosity looks like WALL*E..was that intentional
20:39 ftey: why is the rover moving so slowly?
20:39 NASAJPL2: kennetgd: Pixar designers came here to study the Spirit and Opportunity rovers that preceded Curiosity
20:39 ivugrinec: NASAJPL, is there a TOY Curiosity for the kids?
20:39 NASAJPL2: By here, I mean the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
20:39 NASAJPL2: ivugrinec: yes! There is a Curiosity Hot Wheels toy
20:40 hellogoodbye9: what exactly would happen to a human if they breathed mars’ atmosphere?
20:40 WimVO: Yes, ivugrinec. It’s called Lego, just needs some creativity added.
20:40 NASAJPL: Ftey, This isn’t a race, Curiosity breaks for science.
20:40 ArichManas: Im guessing they would die, because you know…. mars and all lol
20:40 NASAJPL2: Brakes! Brakes! 🙂
20:40 MRader: http://www.amazon.com/CURIOSITY-Hot-Wheels-Premiere-Series/dp/B0093DXCFK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1348770800&sr=8-1&keywords=hot+wheels+curiosity
20:41 memphisdj: Kudos to the whole team on finding such direct evidence of water, so early on.
20:41 NASAJPL: Lol 😀
20:41 WimVO: Who keeps making that typo over and over again ? Courtney ? Stephanie ?
20:41 hellogoodbye9: I meant what reactions would there be for breathing int he atmosphere?
20:41 orbitaldescent: probably panic
20:41 nelj46: So who would win in a drag race: MER or MSL?
20:41 sheepOfMars: hellogoodby9: it would be like when you drink abd beltch soda pop. I once got a breath of CO2.
20:42 sveta_balashova: we’ve watched the video of landing.will there be a high resolution picture of the landing area?
20:42 NASAJPL2: nelj46: both have the same top speed
20:42 NASAJPL2: 4 cm/sec on flat, hard ground
20:42 r618: cm/sec is awesome )
20:43 audunr: How much radiation comes through to the surface on Mars? If I had a breathing apparatus standing on the surface – would I need any other protection, or could I just start wandering about?
20:43 orbitaldescent: that landing video was incredible. Carl Sagan would have been flipping out.
20:43 WimVO: Well, ofcourse, it could have been concrete…
20:43 melissahightower415: Gravity on Mars is what % of Earth’s again?  Sorry, I missed that.
20:43 kennetgd: why did you settle with a computer that has so little RAM, why not go with 2,6GHz, 8GB RAM computer 😀 or was it just power consumption issue?
20:43 unclespam: 38%
20:43 NASAJPL2: Yes, Mars gravity = 3/8 Earth G
20:44 Jumpjack2: there are no space-certified  XXX Ghz/ xxx GB hardware.
20:44 MJr_MJr: our hardware doesn’t have to be radiation proof
20:44 DebDjed65: I hope that sarching th fossil beds thoroughly is one of the tasks you will be taking on. Congrats!!
20:44 ScienceB0y: Did someone answer my question? Anyway here it is again: Does carbon dating apply on Mars? If not, how do you determine age of things?
20:44 Sious: How possible is it that the Rover finds signs of life now?
20:44 orbitaldescent: carbon dating should work, unless the higher radiation messes with it somehow
20:45 ivugrinec: NasaJPL, is there any chance that Curiosity will ever get back at earth (in future)?
20:45 kennetgd: curiosity would learn to press CTRL-ALT-DEL, I’m sure 😛
20:45 NASAJPL2: kennetgd: several considerations. Remember the computers must be radiation hardened, they must be tested and reliable, and date from well before today (itakes a long time to test, build & send rovers)
20:45 Jumpjack2: can you carbon-date  something where no carbon-based life froms exist?
20:45 NASAJPL: Sious, Curiosity’s mission is to search areas of Mars for past or present conditions favorable for life, and conditions capable of preserving a record of life
20:45 NASAJPL2: ivugrinec: this is a one-way trip for the rover. Perhaps someday humans will go to visit them
20:46 orbitaldescent: plenty of carbon in everything else
20:46 WimVO: There’s a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere. That might complicate carbon dating a bit.
20:46 melissahightower415: Thank you!  This whole mission is awesome.  My family and  are excited to see what comes about and what comes up next!  🙂
20:46 nelj46: kennetgd: And I believe the computers were designed something like 4 years ago. That’s a generation in computer time
20:46 NASAJPL: Thanks, Melissa!
20:46 Jumpjack2: AFAIK carbon dating does not work on rocks.
20:46 SGSea: What is the liklihood of certain geological features, possibly having been mistaken for volcanoes or mountains, turning out to be ice heaves? Some features of Mars’ surface remind me of Pingos.
20:46 roverwatcher: What could have caused the water to vaporize?
20:47 DebDjed65: Sorry for the repeated question…transmission problems??
20:47 NASAJPL2: roverwatcher: there are many theories; we’re still investigating
20:47 WimVO: Looks like ustream isn’t the only thing having trouble. Can’t imagine Emily jumping out like that.
20:47 NASAJPL: What’s your question, Deb?
20:47 kennetgd: ok, anyway i love how capable Curiosity is and the 6 all-round moving wheels and the pictures  Cury has taken are brilliant, so GOOD work and congrats for the entire team
20:48 iainn-1: repeated question – is 3D mesh terrain being created by the rovers imaging ?
20:48 Jumpjack2: roverwatcher: atmospehere and water where pulled away from mars by sun once molted core froze thus causing magnetic shield to disappear (one of the theories)
20:48 ScienceB0y: Has it conclusively proven that it *was* water? Could it have been a liquid state of some other element – like Methane for example? I’m not a geologist.
20:48 MJr_MJr: not cold enough fot liquid methane
20:49 sveta_balashova: is there any atmosphere on Mars?close to that on Earth or any other?
20:49 B8AC0N5: only 5% of Earth’s oceans have been explored; spend more on discovering what is on our own planet
20:49 WimVO: Yes iainn, part of the software the rover drivers use creates 3d versions of the rovers surroundings.
20:49 NASAJPL2: ScienceB0y: There have been other discoveries on Mars of minerals that form in the presence of liquid water
20:49 ivugrinec: NasaJPL, there were stories in media that Curiosity my not be 100% steril (e.g of earth bacteria). Is there any trueth about and can this create any influence on Mars?
20:49 Jumpjack2: about 3d: any official new anaglyph of surroundings and outcrop?
20:49 NASAJPL2: Such as the hematite “blueberries” found by MER
20:50 NASAJPL: Sveta – Surface atmospheric pressure less than 1/100th that of Earth’s average
20:50 NASAJPL2: ivugrinec: Curiosity meets the planetary protection requirements for Gale crater
20:50 ivugrinec: Thanks.
20:51 NASAJPL2: Read more about planetary protection policies here: http://planetaryprotection.nasa.gov/
20:51 ftey: Any word on a manned mission to as? 2025? I want to apply …
20:51 kennetgd: so people would have to wear some special suit? what would that kind of atm. pressure do to a human blood pressure?
20:51 orbitaldescent: we have got to get a rover like this on titan
20:51 NASAJPL2: ftey: nothing slated yet, but stay tuned to NASA.gov and @NASA!
20:51 Jumpjack2: Did MSL find any blueberry? I think there’s a huge amout of them just a few hundred meters away toward Sharp. Were Oppy&Spirit in an alluvial fan too?
20:51 melvinvandenbout: mars one is going to bring people to mars.
20:51 NASAJPL: Curiosity has taken 13,000+ raw images in the past 51 sols. See them for yourself: http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/multimedia/raw/
20:51 audunr: What kind of protection would a person walking on mars need? Obiouvsly air for breathing, but what about radiation? Pressure?
20:52 NASAJPL2: Jumpjack2: no blueberries for MSL, but you never know what you will find on a mission of discovery
20:52 nelj46: @ftey: Theres a Dutch company thats going to sponsor a manned Mars mission via a reality show about the astronauts. If you have always wanted to be on TV, then you can kill two birds with one stone!
20:52 DebDjed65: when will the chemical data be released from the first ROCK study?
20:52 WimVO: Scientists actually proposed to float a boat on Titan’s lakes orbitaldescend
20:52 B8AC0N5: u can train for Mars now near Salt Lake City Utah…im sure they would take u in like FLDS
20:52 sheepOfMars: Basalt or Limestone?
20:52 orbitaldescent: yeah they didn’t get the funding for it. we need the chinese to start building a moon base so it freaks the public out and starts another space race
20:53 NASAJPL2: DebDjed65: I don’t have specifics on the Jake investigation. News will be posted to NASA.gov
20:53 NASAJPL: Audunr – Curiosity carries RAD, a radiation detection istrument. This will help future human missions to Mars determine what kind of radation protection would be needed.
20:53 ftey: I would hate to be on TV. But Mars is a dream…
20:53 sveta_balashova: what average temperature is there on Mars? and does it differ at “night” and during the “day”?
20:53 NASAJPL: Thanks everyone for joining us today!
20:53 NASAJPL: For those of you who joined in late or experienced technical difficulties, we’ll post a full recording here on our channel
20:54 B8AC0N5: Mars 2023 or bust
20:54 NASAJPL2: Standby
20:55 MJr_MJr: will that be soon ?
20:55 kevcardenas4: is there a microphone on curiosity
20:55 ftey: 4 thumbs up guys !! I am an alien, I have 4 arms. Watching you from glenelg. the lag is horrible
20:55 NASAJPL: Yes. We’ll check to make sure that the recording doesn’t have any issues.
20:55 NASAJPL2: Thanks ftey!
20:55 nelj46: @kevcardenas4: No mic on curiosity
20:55 NASAJPL: Kev, no mic on Curiosity. Recording sound wasn’t one of the science goals
20:55 cdbur107: Thank you!, I’m with ya B8
20:55 Jumpjack2: chat log available on: is dot gd slash chatlog1
20:55 WimVO: Due to low atmospheric pressure, sound doesn’t travel far on Mars, so it’s of very little interest to scientists to put a Microphone on this rover.
20:56 RKeycrease: Do we analyze the time signal difference with signal crosscorrelation
20:56 specie8470: I have a question there is a an area at the base of Mt. Sharp thats very dark why is that area a different color and what is it made of and is curiosity going to sample some of the dirt there?
20:56 MJr_MJr: so make the mic more sensitive 😉
20:56 eyedogeye: It doesnt look like the kind of place you might find a river. Could it be caused by glacial melt related processes?
20:56 melvinvandenbout: they did bring a microphone to mars once right? But didnt hear anything..?
20:56 NASAJPL: It will be up to the science team to decide where Curiosity will investigate
20:57 B8AC0N5: fyi curiosity will not find water….i drank it all up my last trip
20:57 WimVO: If it’s awesome, I’m sure Nasa will want to investigate that just as much as you do.
20:57 NASAJPL: Melvin, NASA’s Phoenix lander brought a microphone to Mars. It wasn’t used until the very end of the mission
20:57 wdm1990: Do we know anything about the structure of Gale crater? Beneath the soil layer, is curiosity driving over sedimentary layer If so, are they horizontal, or tilted strata?
20:57 specie8470: mel don’t think t has a microphone
20:57 kevcardenas4: the suld be at least the sound of wind gust
20:58 nelj46: one more question, who is it that is answering all thse questions? You’re doing a great job! Thanks for taking the time to interact directly with your biggest fans!
20:58 NASAJPL2:  wdm1990: The scour at the landing site revealed subsurface bedrock
20:58 audunr: Is the magnetic field on Mars uniform enough for navigation?
20:58 B8AC0N5: mars has no magnetic field
20:58 LeKrafty: if there is no molten core, does that mean there is deadly sun rays, and if so, could humans ever live there?
20:58 NASAJPL: We’re the social media team here at JPL
20:58 RKeycrease: Is there a laser reflection or feedback on Mars?
20:58 WimVO: I doubt rems samples wind speeds frequent enough to create a wind sound track out of the data.
20:59 NASAJPL2: audunr: the rover uses other means of navigation, including watching the movement of stars through the sky
20:59 Jumpjack2: NASAJPL, could you please post “unencrypted” link to my chatlog? is dot gd slash chatlog1
20:59 B8AC0N5: like the Vikings of old…
20:59 tayanken: Thanks for your presentation
20:59 NASAJPL: You’re very welcome
21:00 NASAJPL: As mentioned earlier, we’ll post a full recording here later on this channel
21:00 spacebats1: Thankyou JPL! That was great!
21:00 NASAJPL2: OK everyone! That’ll do it for us today.
21:00 NASAJPL2: thanks for joining us

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