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Scala di abitabilità di un pianeta

Posted in astronomia by jumpjack on 7 ottobre 2010

Habitability classification scale

Based on parameters described here , an “habitability scale” can be set up, to classify new planets as they will be discovered.

A first distinction can be made among “habitable” and “liveable” planet. A planet can be defined as “liveable” if you can stay there for minutes or hour, with the aid of a few technology. An habitable planet, as specified above, is a planet where you can live indefinitely.

Liveability (?) parameters: Temperature, Gravity, Atmosphere

Habitability parameters: Seasons, Liquid water, magnetic field, dryland, animals and vegetables, night/day,…

We can try ordering these parameters by “dependency”: if a planet has suitable atmosphere but 10 g gravity, it is not liveable, so atmosphere “depends” on gravity, and so on; so, the order could be:
Liveability (?) parameters:

  • L1 Temperature
  • L2 Atmosphere
  • L3 Gravity

Habitability parameters:

  • H1 Liquid water
  • H2 Magnetic field
  • H3 Dryland
  • H4 Animals and vegetables
  • H5 night/day
  • H6 Seasons

We could also collaps all parameters into a single scale, which starts from class A (=Earth), and goes down to less liveable/habitable planets by “subtracting” features to Earth:

  • A: Earth
  • B: Earth with no seasons
  • C: Earth with no seasons and no night/day cycle
  • D: B+C and no animals/vegetables
  • E: no dryland
  • F: no magnetic field
  • G: no liquid water
  • —————- habitability limit
  • H: bad atmosphere (no oxygen; toxic gas; high/low pressure,…)
  • I: bad temperature (<-20, > 40 °C)
  • J: bad gravity (>1.5 g)

Currently better earth-like known planet is Gliese 581g, which should be Class H (until we discover more data).

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