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Geocities is closing, time for backup!

Posted in varie by jumpjack on 4 settembre 2009

Geocities is going to close its server soon, it’s time to make a backup.

Unfortunately, Geocities does not offer any method of backup but right-cliking on each file!

Here it comes in help WGET, both available for Linux and Windows.

Use this simple command to mirror your entire site; the -c switch should allow wget to restart from  in case it stops due to geocities bandwidth limit.

wget -m -c http://www.geocities.com/username

No need to create a folder, wget will create it automatically and it will also preserve your folders structure.

Same method can be used to backup a WordPress.com blog:

wget -m -c http:/USERNAME.wordpress.com

Please note that to get WGET working behind a proxy you need to set an enviroment variable in advance:

set http_proxy=servername:port

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