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Immersive Virtual Reality – Realtà Virtuale Immersiva

Posted in intuizioni, Symbian by jumpjack on 1 agosto 2009

It was a long time ago since when Immersive Virtual Reality development has been totally abandoned. Since then, when we listen or read about VT, it’s a totally different thing from the original meaning: now “virtual reality” is quite anything related to computers and information technology!! So we now have to use a different terminology, Immersive Virtual Reailty, to be understood when talking about this subject. But.. who ever is still talking about RV in the sense of IRV today? Nobody. But I clearly remember that kind of a 15 yars ago I was able to personally test an IRV system: it costed several thousands of dollars; it consisted of a head-up display with very low resolution (maybe 320×200 or even 160×100, I remember BIG pixels!), a “magnetic enclosure” where I had to stay to get the system detecting my position, and a “state of the art” PC: 2 co-working 80486 PC at 100 MHz!!! This system was able to create the “illusion” of being into a 3d environment; well, it was REALLY an illusion, as:

  • the display was not stereo, only the image were “3d” as the represented… a virtual city!
  • as said, resolution was really low
  • FPS was around 15 or 20
  • no textures were applied to surfaces.

For some reasons, today, when we have multicore processors working at 3000 MHz we do NOT have ANY commercial application of IRV! Why not?!? Don’t know. What I know is that we COULD actually have it, even if industries are not interested on its development. Now, let’s see what we have available today: A Nokia 82 cellphone has:

  • 320×240, 16 million colors screen (and we have the head-up display)
  • headphones support (and we have audio too in the head-up display)
  • accelerometer (and we have the head position locator)
  • 330 MHz CPU (and we have the “system”)
  • internal GPS (could we even use our IRV system to see something overlapped to real world?!?)

So, what do we need to turn our N82 into a IRV system?

  • Something to fix it in front of our eyes.
  • Proper SW.

And that’s all!

Now, is there anybody out there able to write such a SW? A sample 3d game or something?

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