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What can you do with an old cellphone?

Posted in GPS, hardware, Infrarossi, intuizioni, Symbian by jumpjack on 7 giugno 2008

An old nokia series 60 phone (like nokia 6600 or 6680) costs around 50$. But it has:

– bluetooth support

– infrared support

– fotocamera

– internet access

– SMS support

– USB support

– Python support (pys60)

– java j2me  support

Mix all these things together, and you could obtain:

1) 3d foto/video (*)

2) touchscreen (wiimote-like)

3) remote video surveillance

4) Add an IR led to your recipe, and you obtain an SMS-controlled remote-control. (GoogleCode page)

5) Add a bluetooth GPS receiver and you have a GPS antitheft. (GoogleCode page)

6) Home intrusion detection system.

7) Simple guitar tuner.

…any more ideas?

It’s just a matter of writing proper software!

(*) To make 3d photo of moving subjects, or 3d video, you need two separate but synchronized cameras. Bluetooth conection should allow such a synchronization, in such a way that when you shoot a photo on one phone, at the same time it’s shot on the other phone.

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