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Car anti-theft with Javaphone PDA

Posted in GPS, Java, Javaphone API, jython, Motorola a1000, Symbian, Symbian UIQ by jumpjack on 9 novembre 2007


This Jython script turns any Javaphone API supporting PDA into a car-antitheft: once you install this script on the phone, as soon as you call the phone it will send to a predefined number an SMS containing latitude and longitude read from an external GPS bluetooth receiver.

Successfully tested on Motorola a1000; should work on Nokia 9200/9210/9300/9500 (please leave a comment to confirm if you successfully use this program on other phones than a1000) 

What you need:

A PDA/phone with support for PersonalJava/Personal Profile and Javaphone API  (regardless of O.S.);

A Jython version compatible with the phone (try this port for PersonalJava, tested on Motorola A1000);

JavaBT: PersonalJava bluetooth libraries; (JavaBT homepage)

The LC GPS car tracker jython script;

A text file containing the number to send the SMS to; it must be named cellphone.txt;

A text file containing the bluetooth address of your GPS receiver, stored as a sequence of 6 hexadecimal numbers
(for example 000a3a2310c2; you can get your GPS’ address from any bluetooth program installed on your PC). File must be named address.txt;

Once you have all of above:

– Install Jython on your phone (let’s suppose you install it into D:\jython);

– Unpack JavaBT zip package on your PC; copy whole “se” folder into d:\jython folder onto the phone;  copy javabt.dll into
c:\system\libs folder on your phone;

– Copy the jython script into d:\jython folder on the phone

– Copy the above described text files in c:\documents\Media Files\document\LC_GPS_Tracker onto the phone;

– Launch Jython on the phone, and once it’s started use the menu to start the jython script. Wait for “READY.” prompt to appear;

– Turn on your GPS receiver, and keep it within phone bluetooth range;

– Now call your phone: as soon as it receives the call, it will start displaying some debug data on the screen. If all works properly, in a few seconds you should receive the SMS on the predefined number. NOTE: if the GPS got the fix, you’ll see in the message “1,xx” at the end of SMS, with xx=number of satellites; else you’ll see “0,00”.


This program CAN’T work on SonyEricsson P800/p900/p910, as they do not support Javaphone API. If you are interested on a version for these phones, I could try writing a Javaphone-indipendent version, but it would be quite tricky, so I’ll (try to) do it only upon request: don’t forget this program is FREEware!

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  1. Tips for technology said, on 10 febbraio 2011 at 7:56

    looking to connect sql server using gprs at commands..will that work and how

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