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Compiling .py scripts to .jar files

Posted in Java, jython, Symbian by jumpjack on 25 febbraio 2007

I successfully compiled .py scripts into jar files!

Set classpath:
set classpath = C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\erj\Ext\qawt.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\erj\Ext\util.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\Java\ext\javaphone.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\Java\lib\classes.zip

Generate the .class files:
jythonc -J “-classpath C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\erj\Ext\qawt.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\erj\Ext\util.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\Java\ext\javaphone.jar;C:\Symbian\UIQ_21\epoc32\Java\lib\classes.zip” -CC:\Programmi\internet\Java\j2sdk1.4.2_10\bin\javac jython_script.py

Go to jpywork folder in Jython folder and generate .jar file:
jar -cf jython_script.jar jython_script*.class

Use aifbuilder to generate proper aif/app/txt file

Move aif/app/txt/jar file to c:\system\app\jython_script folder

Well, now comes the bad part: application does NOT start properly, due to well known NoClassDefFoundError , but maybe here somebody else can help me?

Possible solutions:

http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/~tomw/visadtutor/compile.html (cambiare command line di compilazione)

http://osdir.com/ml/lang.jython.user/2006-03/msg00077.html (mettere in .jar tutte le librerie jython)


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